Thrill-Seeking events for the 40+ Riders Conquering the MX Tracks of the Western US and Canada

A Motocross Club Where Age Is Just a Number


Experience a New Wave of Adrenaline-Pumping Motor Racing

Oregon Old Timers is a local club under the Old Timers MX organization. Our group of vintage riders focuses on getting out and enjoying motocross with family and friends. We are also passionate about traveling the Western United States and Canada to Race great tracks.


Our Parent Organization

Founded in 1972, Old Timers MX is a North American motocross racing group for riders 40 years of age and up. The club is also known to have the longest-running motor race series in the United States.

Jam-Packed Events for Every Rider

Formatted for 15 to 22 minutes of running pace and 5 motors per event, our competitions allow racers to maximize time on the track while minimizing costs. We also accommodate individual participants and prepare our facilities for them on the weekend.

Join Our Club

Start your motocross journey with Oregon Old Timers. If you have questions about our membership application process, reach out to our staff today. We can’t wait to hear from you.